World War Ssssssss…

Did you know that Burmese Pythons can swollow as much as 5 times their head whole? The presence of Burmese Pythons are ruining Florida and mostly the Everglades.  The Burmese python is one of the biggest snakes ever and it is disrupting the ecosystem.

These snakes are sometimes taken in as pets but when they grow too big for their owners they get let free. These snakes can get really big. Matt Piven says that “Think of a telephone pole, and then imagine a snake as big around the middle as that pole.” That is too big for people to keep.

The snakes kill local animals. Andrew Ng says on 1/5/13 that “With no natural predators, these eating appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as many bird species.” This shows that the snakes either eat the animals or the animals run away.

People get hurt and in extreme cases they die. People who don’t have a license will walk around with guns. Andrew Ng says “This means that for 30 days, hundreds of people armed with shotguns, rifle, machetes, hand guns, and hooked spears- many who have never seen a Burmese Python will loan the Everglades.” This shows the area will be very dangerous and people may get hurt.

The ecosystem being destroyed is a man made event. “And, when their pythons get too big, the owners got rid of them in the most  irresponsible fashion: They just let them go in the Everglades or some other wild area.” This shows its a man made event.

The Burmese pythons are ruining the ecosystem they are ruining the animal population and the humans in the area. The snakes are just bad for the area. The snakes need to be hunted down and taken out of the area but in a safer more efficient way.

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Earth Martians?

You’re moving to a great place. You’re realister said you’d love it. Then he puts you in a space ship. It says “to Mars”. You think it’s a joke so you go with it. Now you’re there all of a sudden. It’s red. You are on Mars. You own land on Mars. That is wrong.

People say owning land in space would be awesome, but they haven’t thought of the money. Owning land in space would be very expensive. Also if we ever get to going to space that would be a lot more money. Experts say a space Mars colony would cost $500,000 a person.

Also people think that normal citizens would be able to own land. They are wrong, for awhile it will just be major select companies. Maybe, I said maybe some select extremely rich people could. But that brings you back to the first point, they might not be rich anymore.

One other and the maybe the most important reason why we shouldn’t own land in space is because there is actually a treaty against it. The Outer Space treaty, signed in 1967 , was signed by 100 countries including the United States. The treaty states that no countries can own land on the moon or any planet. This makes it illegal and breaking treaty laws if you do

Most people say that it would be good to have people own land in space and some day move there because it will cause more space and lower pollution rates. Some people also say that it will have to happen eventually, so why not now? We should wait until we are totally ready and have worked it out with other countries.

In conclusion, we should not own land in space because it could create an economic issue, not everyone who wanted to would go, and it’s basically illegal. No people should not be able to own land in space.

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Nicole McComb
Nice like butterflies
Innocent in the sky
Clumsy like a panda
Outrageously awesome
Like a cheetah
Exactly like me

Jessica Phegley
awesome old sister
neat freak mother to young girl
Jessica Phegley Indy

Mr. Robertson
His name is rob
He likes grilled and buttered corn on the cob

He likes to teach
but when he can he runs on the beach

He is my running coach
But he wouldn’t hurt a roach

Free verse
Roman Jennings
It was a race was a race
He got first place
When he was done
He got sprayed in the face
He was about to cry
Because it was mace
His name is Roman
He is not Greek
He is the best
You’ll ever see
He runs cross country
Faster than a bee

Josh Phegley
His name is Josh
He plays a sport but not with Bosh
He plays baseball
He makes the pitch call
He plays catcher
And there is no better
He plays with Sunny Grey
He’s one of the best I’d say
Oh he plays for the A’s by the way
Their season wasn’t so bright
They could have done better with Phegley behind the plate
He will have to wait
Before he can play with Bait

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Pay your kids to do chores? You Should

imagePay Your Kids to do Chores

If parents get paid to do work, why shouldn’t kids get paid to do chores? My parents are teachers and get paid, I am a student and do chores and I don’t get paid. With all the grading my parents do they don’t have enough to time to do all the house work too. I imagewant some money for a new laptop. Kids should get paid to do chores.

Getting paid for chores simulates a job without the possibility of bankruptcy. It also teaches responsibility and closer family ties. Professor Marty Rossman of the University of Minnesota said “adults who did chores as kids have a closer relationship with their families.

I know what people say, sometimes we do stuff without pay. But getting paid for chores will teach financial maturity. Mr. Lieber, author, said. “I believe pretty strongly in the no bailout rule. Let them live with the consequence. Let them buy the prom dress secondhanimaged. It’s a lesson they won’t have to learn at 25 when they want to bust into their 401(k) to solve the problem they created because they never knew how to make a trade.”

After getting paid your kids will be responsible, finically mature, and closer to you than ever. Pay your kids to do chores. Adults get paid we should get paid.


Read the scope article HERE

For click HERE

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Mt.Hauscaran Avalanche

imageMt. Huascaran Avalanche

Peru, 1962, Mt. Huascaran, snow was falling and fast. It was a cold day but Lisa was still walking to the store. She heard a loud crack and she knows it’s falling ice. Since avalanches aren’t rare here she knows she has about 30 minutes between the sound and the actual Avalanche. She walks in the store and then sees the snow falling. This is faster and earlier than usual.

Before the Avalanche.

Before the Avalanche.

Effects of Mt. Huascaran

The avalanche caused many problems for the remaining people. Deforestation is one of them. The avalanche ripped out all the trees in the area. Trees are important to have and they won’t grow back for a long time. Many farms with crops and animals were destroyed. Some villages in the area provide their own food and they can’t do that with millions of dollars of food destroyed and 10,000 animals killed. The avalanche also took 9 towns and 7 bill edges right off the map.(whole paragraph found Allison Neel 1962 Avalanche)

After the Avalanche.

After the Avalanche.

Goverment Aid and Survival Plan

The government gave the survivors a short term place to live with food, water, and a little money. If you are on a mountain during an avalanche their isn’t much you can do. When on a mountain you should always wear bright colors and stick in a pack. If you are in a village you should evacuate.

MT. Hauscaran 2.0?

The avalanche in Peru was deadly and very tragic. Many lives were lost but I think it has helped prevent more that could have happened. If if an avalanche as big as Mt. Hauscaran happens again I think we will be more prepared. We have more technology to predict one coming after an earthquake or any other source.
If another Avalanche like the one in Peru in 1962 happens we will be more prepared.


The people never moved back, the old city’s are covered in snow, and there are still missing bodies. The base of Mt. Hauscaran will never be the same for some and will still be fun to climb for most. For all that know it was tragic and many lives were lost. No one involved will forget the effects of Mt. Hauscaran in 1962.

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When you are commenting you should be discriptive; don’t just say “I like it” say why you like it. You should also say something that was good about the paper and something you could work on. Also when leaving a comment always leave your name and URL. You should never be afraid to ask questions! Now try commenting on this post and see how it is going!

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Sleepy Hallow Part 2

Two years after the disappearance of Ichabod Crane there has been a mysterious silence in Sleepy Hollow until today. A person who claimed to be Ichabod walked into the town. He claimed to be hidden my Brom Bones. He ran around like a pyscho. He was taken to jail and died in jail. For a couple of weeks that’s all anyone talked about. Brom however wanted to stay quiet and take the body far away.
When a new ghost appeared, the Pumpkin Runner, everyone feared the worst. He had a broken pumpkin for a head and can run 20 miles per hour. He runs around throwing pumpkins at people and knocking them out, the people only thought it would get worse.
“Did you hear what happened to Brom?” Asked Katrina.
“Yeah, I heard it was worse than all the others!”
The ghost was only targeting kids around the age of 10. The new school master also likes Katrina and doesn’t like Brom. Brom Bones is always looking for a fight and the school master always gives it to him and wins. The school master, Austin, knows more about the pumpkin runner than the others; he knows it’s his brother, Ichabod. And he knows what’s happening tomorrow.
It’s a normal Tuesday in Sleepy Hallow, happy villagers walking to work, kids skipping to school, and Brom Bones walking to the market.
“Ok, remember the plan?” asks Ichabod.
“…well, what is it?”
“Oh! Yeah sorry! You run in scare everyone off and circle Brom. Once everyone is gone. I ride in like the headless horseman and take Brom.” Answers Austin.
“Ok, good. I’m going in 3…2…1!” As Ichabod, the pumpkin runner, runs in and scares everyone away, Austin rides in and takes Brom just as planned. Brom was then taken to the deepest, thickest part of the forest and was never heard of again.

Two years after the confirmed death of Brom Bones the records still say the killer is unknown, but we all know in the inside that it was the ghost of Ichabod Crane. While they have no proof we all know it’s true.
Austin is now dating Katrina and they look happier than ever. Sleepy Hallow is now a normal village with a dark past. They haven’t seen the headless horseman or the pumpkin runner ever since.
The end

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